Shipping Information

OPFOR Airsoft and Hobby offers the following shipping methods:

Standard (3-7 Business Days) This is the most economical shipping option. Items should be delivered within 7 buisiness days.
This option is also free for retail orders containing a product total over $150.00. Free shipping is not offered for orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or any PO Boxes.
Expedited (2-3 Business Days) Items shipped this method should be delivered within approximately 2-3 business days.
Express (1-2 Business Days) Items shipped this method should be delivered within approximately 1-2 business days.


All delivery windows are in business days. Business days are Monday through Friday and exclude weekends. Order processing time is separate from the delivery window. 

Signatures are required for all package deliveries to help ensure safe delivery.

Order Processing

Your order will be processed within 1 business day of placing your order. This time is used to ensure the payment has been processed, the order has been screened for approval, and the shipping address has been verified. Orders placed after 12:00pm CST on business days may not be processed until the next business day. Other factors may delay processing time based on customer response time as referenced in the Order Approval section.


Order Approval

Orders that require additional verification such as anti-fraud verification or address verification may delay shipping and/or processing times depending on the customers response time to our inquiries. The customer will be contacted via email or phone within 1 business day of the order being placed if additional verification is required. Customer responses received during non-business hours or during  weekends will delay the shipping/processing time until the following business day. If your billing and shipping addresses do not match we may attempt to contact you via email to confirm your order details. In some cases this will delay order processing by 1 business day or as long as it takes you to respond. To avoid these delays we encourage shipping to your confirmed billing address.

Product Availability

We strive to keep an accurate inventory of our product stock for your convenience. In some rare cases items may sell out unexpectedly. If this occurs we will contact you via email within 2 business days of your order being placed with a back order notification. Items that are back ordered may not arrive within the selected shipping time frame. You can choose to cancel your order on these back ordered items by contacting us at

Free Shipping Policy

Free shipping is available for street addresses within the USA.  Free shipping is not available for orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or any PO Boxes. Shipping charges are non-refundable under any circumstance. Returned orders which received free shipping will receive a refund for original shipping cost that was charged to us by the shipping company.

Lost Packages

If you believe your package was lost by the shipping company notify us immediately. If the tracking information shows that the package has been delivered we must be notified within 5 business days so that we can notify the shipping company. If the shipping company can not locate the package we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Finally, we understand that mail theft is an issue in some areas, however we can not be held responsible for packages that have been stolen if the tracking states they were delivered to the address provided by the customer.

USPS Lost Packages Reporting Form

UPS Lost Packages Reporting Form

Damaged Packages

If your package is delivered with shipping damage it must be reported within 5 business days of delivery. We will gladly help you in filing a claim with the shipping company that caused the damages. The original shipping and product packaging must be kept intact for the shipping company to complete the claims process. When reporting shipping damage to us we request that you include a detailed description of how you received the package along with photographs showing the damage.

UPS Damaged Package Reporting Form

USPS Damaged Package Reporting Form

Misdelivered Packages

Packages that are shipped to a different or wrong address due to an incorrect address being provided at checkout are not eligible for a refund of any kind. We will attempt to contact you if we believe that the address you provided is incomplete or invalid, however it is your responsibility to provide a correct address. If we are unable to contact you in a timely manner by email or phone we may ship the product to complete our shipping method deadlines. If you believe your package may be going to a different address than the one you provided, you can attempt to contact the carrier and request that the package be rerouted to a local pickup location such as a post office or UPS pickup location. Please note that these services are provided by the carrier and may incur additional fees.

UPS Package Intercept/Redirect

USPS Package Intercept/Redirect

Stolen Packages

If you believe that your package has been stolen, notify your local law enforcement immediately. We take lost or stolen packages seriously any would like to assist you in opening an official investigation for missing mail. Furthermore, if you believe your package was stolen we are happy to assist you in filing any applicable U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Theft Complaints as tampering with mail is a federal offense. Be advised as part of either process an official USPS Postal Investigator or UPS/Fedex Claims Agent may attempt to contact you, in person, via phone, or online to further investigate your claims. If you believe you were the victim of mail theft and have filed a police report please send us the Police Report Number so we can include it in the USPS theft investigation. Finally, while we understand that mail theft is an issue in some areas, we cannot be held responsible for packages that are stolen if tracking information states the package was delivered to the address provided by the customer. If you are concerned that your area may be unsafe to ship to, we encourage you to have packages delivered to secure pickup locations such as a UPS store.

UPS Lost Package Reporting Form

USPS Mail Theft Reporting Form


Missing items

Missing items from your order must be reported within 48 hours of receiving your package. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to resolve the issue. If you believe the missing items are related to shipping damage, please follow the steps in the shipping damage section.

 California Shipping Policy

In addition to the orange tip law that applies to all airsoft guns sold within the United States, California has laws regarding the marking and coloring of airsoft guns. Included in your package are colored marking tape and instructions for complying with California law with all airsoft guns shipped to California.  It is the customer's responsibility to comply with local and state laws.

 Business days are Monday through Friday. Business days do not include US National Holidays, Government Holidays, and/or Holidays in which any one of our Shipping Companies (USPS, UPS) have limited or no pickup, delivery, and/or processing services. Business days do not include service interruptions out of our control including but not limited to national weather emergencies or earthquakes.


You can track your order based on your selected shipping method using your order tracking number.

For UPS: